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Bialetti is the world's most recognized and cherished coffee makers company.Over 120 million cups of coffee are made internationally each day from Bialetti coffee makers.The "l'Omino" (the Little Man) icon is widely recognized as Bialetti exclusive symbol of quality and autenticity.
From the beginning of 1950s to the present day Bialetti has manifactured over 200 million coffee makers.In particular,the moka espress which stands out as a masterpieces of industrial design,has become a real "cult object" and has allowed millions of consumer to enjoy grat Italian coffee.
The inspiration behind Alfonso Bialetti's original Moka Espress was an early washing machine consisted of a boiler and a tub for collecting hot water.The Moka Espress was developed on the basis of this principle.Since that almost legendary insight,Bialetti has trasformed itself from a small craftsman-like workshop into one of the most appresciated and well-known companies,both in Italy and internationally.
The product range offered by Bialettiis full of rich and comprehensive lines that encompass all needs and tastes but continue in the Moka Express tradition :
  • Break-Through Tecnology
  • Easy to use
  • Winning Design.

Today in Italy ,90% of families own a Bialetti product.This proves Bialetti's continual commitment to tradition and dedication to prfecting the Italian coffee experience for Drinkers everywhere. 

Video's of BIALETTI Original commercial aired during the 60's


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