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Available Colors :
Black, Silver and Caffe Motta Orange (not shown)



   The Frog is an Espresso Pod machine designed for the home and office.  The Frogs' innovative design and simplicity make it reliable and easy to use.
   Designed exclusively for the espresso coffee pods, it guarantees a perfect cup of espresso coffee everytime.  The Pod is a pre-packaged individual portion roasted coffee sealed between two layers of filter paper.  The amount of coffee, its grind and the degree to which it is pressed have all been specifically pre-defined to ensure a perfect cup of espresso.  Besides guaranteeing a consistent level of quality, the system is considerably cleaner than traditional methods of preparing espresso because there is no need to handle the coffee grounds.  The pods are shaped to fit comfortably inside the extraction chamber of the espresso pod machine.
   The Frog espresso machine is equipped with an extraction chamber that locks the Pod into place.  Specific technical parameters were followed to enhance the fundamentals of water temperature and pressure.  The water chamber is uniquely designed to hold a 1.5 liter bottle of water.  The use of bottled water reduces the calicum build up in the water pump.  Together, these features produce a superior cup of espresso.
   With the Pod system, no special skills or experience are required to prepare a superior cup of espresso.  There are four simple steps to follow:
  1. Take the pod out of its package
  2. Place it in the extraction chamber
  3. Lock the pod in the extraction chamber
  4. Push the button and let the water run through sthe pod until the desired amount of coffee (25-30 seconds maximum).

   The result is always a perfect cup of espresso.


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